It must be noted that there are tons of car categories nowadays. Vans and Minibus are surely ones of them. However, apparently there is not so much difference between them when you look at them. This is a very obvious view since Minibus is essentially a conversion of Vans. Then, the qustion would easily arise in what respect they would be the key element that clearly be differentiated. The most remarkable difference is their usage.
  Vans are typically used for carrying stuff in business scenes in Japan. On the other hand, Minibus has a public transit role. it is often used in transit buses, airport buses, share taxis, large taxicabs, and even more. The appearance of Minibus is solid and, at the same time, charming. Some flavour of vans are nicely inherited to Minibus design because, as mentioned earlier, Minibus is merely the conversion of vans.
  So, now we know the difference between vans and minibus. But how can we buy those in budget-friendly price? Well, today you have pretty much everything online. I strongly recommend to take a look at which offers you a variety of Japanese used cars with reasonable pricing. Hope this helps your consideration a bit.